Oskar Morgenstern[2] is the father of Valentine Morgenstern and the husband of Seraphina Morgenstern whose death instigated Valentine's hatred of Downworlders.

Known history

Oskar and Seraphina raised their only son, Valentine, in Idris in a valley not far from Lake Lyn. His father raised him as a warrior, causing Valentine to both hate and love him.[1] It was his teachings and views that shaped Valentine's own beliefs, and his domineering nature and traits that Valentine later adapted. During his son's time at the Shadowhunter Academy, Valentine began an organization known as the Circle.

At one point, in a routine raid on a werewolf encampment, Valentine's father was killed. Because of this incident, Valentine, who blamed his death on Downworlders in general, became more radical in his beliefs; he began to advocate and gear the Circle towards anti-Downworld movements.[3]

His wife, Seraphina was grief-stricken by his death and suffered a heart attack, which led to her own death soon afterwards.[1]


  • Kindjal: A pair of Morgenstern blades which his son Valentine inherited from him.
  • Phaesphoros and Heosphoros: Valentine's father presumably owned the Morgenstern swords before Valentine himself.


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