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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Octavian Blackthorn was a former Shadowhunter from the Blackthorn family.


This character's history and characteristics are identical to that of his alternate dimension counterpart up until just before the Dark War, where the timeline split and the following changes took place.

Dark War

During Sebastian Morgenstern's invasion of Alicante in 2007, Tavvy was among the children hidden away in the Accords Hall. When Sebastian's forces overpowered the Nephilim, a group of warlocks opened a Portal to New York City but only let children through, forcing Tavvy and the others to leave without Mark and Helen.

The children sought refuge in the shelter set up by Magnus Bane and Catarina Loss while the battle continued in Idris. When the blight began to spread, Shadowhunters and their tools lost their angelic power, demons overran the streets, and warlocks turned into demons. The shelter fell within two months and the children had no choice but to try their luck on the streets.

Julian kept them together and, with Emma Carstairs, the young Blackthorns tried to get to a train station to California where they believed it was safe. Julian carried Tavvy the whole night and kept trying to feed him and his siblings his own food. Just before boarding, a large group of Endarkened tried to stop them. Julian and Emma forced them onto the train while they kept the Endarkened at bay, sacrificing themselves so the children could get away.

Tavvy and his remaining siblings, Livia, Tiberius and Drusilla, hopped trains and traded goods with other survivors to get through their days as they traveled to California. In Chicago, they met Cameron Ashdown and began traveling with him. They were devastated to find that, upon arriving in their hometown Los Angeles, the city and the Institute was under the control of the Ashdowns who had allied themselves with Sebastian's Legion of the Star. Cameron told them to flee, and they went back to their life on the run.

One night while they slept on the street, a Shinagami demon grabbed Tavvy. Ty tried to fight it off but, without their tools, did not deal any damage. The demon struck and killed Ty and took off with Tavvy.[1]



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