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Oban was an Unseelie faerie, one of King Arawn's many sons, and once briefly served as King of the Unseelie Court.


Oban was born to King Arawn and an unknown faerie woman. He was considered by Adaon to be the worst of the King's sons, and Kieran was embarrassed of him. He loved to throw wild revels that were famous for their long duration and debauchery, in which he enjoyed witnessing the pain of his guests. Oban acknowledged that his father did not think much of him.

In 2012, he made an alliance with the Cohort, who promised their aid in acquiring power. During one of his revels, Mark Blackthorn and Kieran were captured by his guards and a Cohort representative, Manuel Villalobos. Manuel convinced Oban to deliver them to his father as part of their plan to get in his good graces, and he rode to the Unseelie Tower chained to his horse. On the path to the tower, Oban was furious that the gentry fey did not jeer and stone the prisoners.

The King's audience with his many prisoners ended in the King's death in the hands of Kieran. When Oban arrived after the battle, he claimed the throne for himself, despite not having earned the right to it, and was crowned the new King of the Unseelie Court, backed by the Cohort and the redcap general, Winter.

Oban and the leader of the Cohort, Horace Dearborn, agreed on a set of terms, including an agreement that the Shadowhunters and the Unseelie Court would no longer interact all while secretly allied against the Seelies and other Downworlders. Both parties would pretend to reach the deal at the staged parley on the Imperishable Fields, witnessed by both of their followers, also as part of the ploy to seemingly make them out to be great leaders who made their alliance possible.

Oban arrived at the parley with his Unseelie army. Their rehearsed exchange was interrupted by the arrival of Livia's Watch, who proceeded to expose their farce to their allies on the field and those watching in Idris. Through the Mortal Sword and Dearborn's rage, Manuel and Dearborn both admitted that they only conspired to give the throne to Oban because he was a "drunken fool" they could control.

Kieran challenged his claim to the throne and had the support of several Seelie, Unseelie, and wild faeries. They publicly informed the Unseelie faeries that it was Kieran that killed the King and was thus the rightful successor. When Kieran challenged him to a duel to the death for the throne of Unseelie, Oban shot an arrow at Kieran and struck Julie Beauvale instead. A battle broke out after this, with the Shadowhunters and Downworlders against the members of the Cohort and the Unseelie faeries.

During the battle, Oban hid behind his guards before the guards themselves started to flee, unsure of where their loyalties must lie. Even General Winter refused to kill Kieran, insisting that it must be Oban's kill to cement his right to the throne. The Shadowhunter Cristina Rosales intercepted his path and, after a brief tussle, Cristina stabbed him in the chest, killing him.


Your mad brother Oban sits upon the throne of Unseelie. He drinks, he whores, he makes no laws. He demands loyalty. He musters an army to bring to his parley with the Cohort, though his advisers warn against it.

Gwyn ap Nudd to Kieran about Oban's reign, Queen of Air and Darkness

Oban liked to party wild and indulged in drinking and debauchery. He got pleasure from witnessing the pain of others. Oban was also ambitious and hungry for power. He was considerably easy to manipulate and influence, and the Cohort was easily able to get him to agree to their 'suggestions' and sway him.

Physical description

Oban had a straight mouth, black hair streaked with purple, pointed ears, and silver eyes. Like many gentry faeries, he bore inhumanly beautiful features. He was said to slightly resemble his brother Kieran.[1]


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