Alec never worried about the werewolves. Maia always had everything under control.

Alec Lightwood about The New York pack, The Land I Lost

The New York pack is the pack of werewolves that is currently under the leadership of Maia Roberts and was formerly led by Luke Garroway.


During the 1970s, the New York pack was ran by the werewolf Max Lincoln. He led his pack during the New York Blackout of 1977 to start fires and attract the Shadowhunters. The pack were going to slaughter all the drugged vampires, until Magnus Bane helped round them at the Hotel Dumort where they were to heal themselves.

When Luke Garroway was informed of Valentine Morgenstern's new plans, he looked for the werewolf pack in New York and killed their then incumbent leader, Gabriel. In accordance with the werewolves' rules, Luke became the pack's new leader. Luke did this to have the manpower to stop Valentine. With the aid of his pack, Luke aided Clary and Jace in finding Clary's mother, Jocelyn, in Renwick's. Outside Renwick's, Luke's pack fought a group of Forsaken.

The pack is currently located in an abandoned police station, once Second Precinct, in Chinatown. Since the building is glamoured as a Chinese restaurant called "Jade Wolf", they occasionally take calls and deliver shu pork to customers. It is said that the leaders of the pack change very often. By 2007, Maia Roberts has taken over as the leader. Under her, the pack set aside their long-running bad blood with the vampire clan in the city and has formed an alliance with them through their new leader, Lily.

Known members

21st Century

20th Century

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