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The New York vampire clan, sometimes referred to as the Manhattan vampire clan, is a faction of vampires residing in Manhattan, New York banded together as a clan. Based in the Hotel Dumort, the clan's leadership has changed over the years and is currently led by Lily Chen.



It was late in the 1920s when Camille Belcourt arrived in New York and soon took over the clan. During her reign, the clan resided in the Eldorado building on the Upper West Side, and the abandoned Hotel Dumont, which they renamed Dumort upon claiming it after the 1929 Crash. In the 1970s, the vampires became addicted to drugs fed from humans and had to depend on the help of their enemies, the werewolves, to be cleansed before the Clave could be alerted to their activities.[1]


Early in the year, Camille had once again gone rogue and had been feeding carelessly on humans. Not wanting the clan to be affected by her actions, her second-in-commaned, Raphael Santiago, threatened to tell the Clave about her Law-breaking unless she left. Forced to flee, Raphael, who had become a trusted vampire in the city, took over in her stead.[2]

In August 2007, several vampires attended Magnus Bane's party for Chairman Meow in Brooklyn. They accidentally took the mundane Simon Lewis, who had turned into a rat and was mistaken for their comrade, Zeke. His friends Clary and Jace went into the hotel soon after, during which they met Raphael and other members of the clan. The encounter led to a battle, and, to protect Clary, the werewolves of the New York pack followed and broke into hotel, and the Shadowhunters and werewolves eventually escaped with Simon.[3]

Unbeknownst to them, Simon ingested vampire blood after biting Raphael in the chaos of the hotel scuffle and had become a fledgling. Simon, drawn back to the Hotel, returned and was attacked by the vampires. Raphael, however, spared him and brought him to his friends at the New York Institute. With them, Simon was buried in a Jewish cemetery, to be allowed to die and be reborn, and thus Turn into a vampire. Sometime after, Simon became a Daylighter.[4]

When the werewolf Luke Garroway was pushing for Downworlders to have seats on the Council and engage in battle alongside the Shadowhunters in Alicante, Raphael only agreed if they gave Simon to him, with the intent of ending the life of what they saw as an abomination of a vampire, especially since he refused to leave his mundane life behind. When Luke and the others refused, Raphael also said he will not participate, and Meliorn of the Fair Folk threatened to withdraw their support. However, Simon, then bearing the Mark of Cain, surrendered himself to Raphael, and Raphael though unable to harm him, was forced to honor his word and aid the Nephilim in battle.[5]

Weeks later, Camille finally returned and challenged Raphael's leadership of the clan.[2] Since her return, some remained loyal to Raphael, who went into hiding in fear of Camille's wrath, thinking Camille would simply kill him to rid herself of competition. However, Maureen Brown killed Camille and, as vampire law dictates, became the clan's new leader.[6]

Maureen led the clan loosely and nonchalantly; given her youth, she did not thoroughly consider the consequences of her actions. Aside from 'ruling' the clan as if in a monarchy, wanting to be called a queen, for instance, Maureen gave her subjects free rein when it comes to feeding on humans. For this, most of the members loved having Maureen as the leader. There were still others, however, who felt the risks of this negligence—not only will they face punishment from the Nephilim, but they would eventually run out of food if they keep going at the rate they were. Raphael, who took Nightshade's place as the vampire representative on the Council, planned to simply report Maureen to the Clave, with Simon's help. However, with the threat of Sebastian Morgenstern against Downworlders looming upon them, Lily and Maia took matters into their own hands by poisoning Maureen with holy water. With Maureen dead, Lily took over, and, under her leadership, the vampires and werewolves formed an alliance, agreed to support the Nephilim, and worked to develop and maintain a more civil relationship between their kinds.[7]

Known members


  • Many members of the clan possess motorcycles run by demon energies.


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