The Moore family was an English mundane family that unwittingly became a part of the Magister's plot of revenge against Aloysius Starkweather and the Nephilim.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Mr. and Mrs. Moore had a daughter named Elizabeth in 1837. In a plot against the Starkweathers devised by the vengeful Mortmain and faeries, the infant Elizabeth was switched with the Shadowhunter child Adele Starkweather. As both were babies when the switch occurred, no one aside from Adele's mother noticed the switch. No one believed her, and Elizabeth was raised as Adele in the York Institute while the real Adele was raised as a mundane by the Moores. A few years after, the Moores had a second daughter they named Harriet.

Ten years after the switch, Adele was expected and set to receive her first Shadowhunter Marks—specifically, she was supposed to get the Strength rune since she was a sickly child growing up. However, because she was in fact a mundane, "Adele" went insane upon receiving the Marks and died shortly after.

Around another decade after, Harriet gave birth to her son, Nate, shortly after the father of the child, her fiancé, died. To save her the shame, the real Adele, now known as Elizabeth, and her husband, Richard Gray, adopted the child and raised him as their own. Shortly after, "Elizabeth" herself became pregnant with her own daughter, which was unknowingly conceived with a Greater Demon.[1]

At that time, Richard had already been an employee of Mortmain, who hired him to get close to Elizabeth and her unborn child. They soon became suspicious of Mortmain's intentions and left London for New York, taking Nate and Harriet with them, to get away from him, but not before receiving the clockwork pendant that would save both the lives of Elizabeth and her daughter, Tessa. Three years after Tessa's birth, Elizabeth and Richard were killed in a carriage accident, leaving Harriet to raise both Nate and Tessa.

In 1878, Nate found pages from Elizabeth's diary, where he found out about Harriet being his real mother and about some of Mortmain's supposedly occult businesses. Nate used the information as leverage against Mortmain so he could get a job and a position next to the rich businessman; unbeknownst to him, he was playing right into the man's ploy. Eventually, Nate had his own mother, Harriet killed, not only due to his hatred of her but also so he could lure Tessa to London for Mortmain.

After Harriet's death, Tessa went to London, where her life would then turn upside-down. At first, she went on not knowing what she really was and was mainly concerned about finding Nate. When the 'siblings' reunited, Nate was still blinded by the power Mortmain could provide, and thus he betrayed Tessa and her new Shadowhunter friends.[2] Additionally, he married Jessamine Lovelace, a Shadowhunter girl whom Nate tricked and used as a means to achieve. Nate, the last known blood relative of at least their line of the Moore family, died during an attempt to abduct Tessa, but not before reminding her to always wear the clockwork angel—the one thing he knew would always protect Tessa. Eventually, Tessa, Starkweather, and everyone else concerned also learned the truth about Tessa and her family.[3]

Family tree

Elizabeth M./Adele
Harriet M.
Unnamed man
Eidolon demon
Adele S./Elizabeth
Richard G.
Will H.
Tessa G.
Jem C.
Nate G.
Jessamine L.


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