I can have a Consul as well as a pack leader if I want.

–Michelle to her boyfriend, Forever Fallen

Michelle was a teenage werewolf of the New York werewolf pack under the leadership of Maia Roberts.


In 2013, Michelle and her boyfriend, an Unseelie faerie, attended a festival in New York. There, they spotted the Consul Alec Lightwood and were immensely impressed by him, though they tried to play it cool when he spoke to them. Unbeknownst to them, Janus was watching the entire time and after Alec left he approached them. First, they were quite excited, thinking they met their world's Jace Herondale. But after they parted Michelle's boyfriend said that he didn't trust this Jace and wanted to alert his King, Kieran. Yet, before either of them got the chance to do something, Janus slit their throats having followed them. He buried them both with their hands clasped together.[1]

Skills and Abilities

  • Lycanthropy: Being a werewolf, Michelle possesses the ability to transform into a wolf. Along with the ability to Change, she gained enhanced strength and speed, more grace in her movements, and accelerated healing ability.



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