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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

Michael Wayland was a Shadowhunter and former member of the Circle whose identity was taken by Valentine Morgenstern to escape his crimes and continue living in hiding.


Michael spent his childhood in Idris. When they were young, Michael befriended Robert Lightwood, who had been ostracized by the other children their age because of his body's reaction to receiving his first Mark. The two had since become the closest of friends. When they were fifteen, they became parabatai.

Shortly after, the pair attended the Shadowhunter Academy, where they later joined Valentine's Circle. By their last year at the Academy, Michael had already fallen in love with Robert. When he confessed his feelings, Robert took the news harshly and the pair became estranged.[3][4]

After leaving the Academy, Michael became fascinated by his Wayland family lineage. Since the Waylands were once famous weapon makers, Michael taught himself how to make weapons—which was odd among Shadowhunters because the Iron Sisters have supplied the Nephilim with weapons for hundreds of years. The blades Michael made were not beautiful, but they were well-balanced. His forge still stands behind the wreckage of Wayland manor.[1]

Eventually, Michael married Eliza Rosewain,[2] whom he met and dated at the Academy,[3] and had a son with her they named Jonathan. Over time, Michael also began to doubt the Circle's intentions, though he, like Luke, still followed Valentine blindly out of loyalty. Eventually, however, he left.[5]

It was during the Uprising that Valentine murdered Michael, placing him and his son in the burning house of the Fairchilds, to stage his own death and that of his son's, Jonathan Christopher. It was his estrangement from Robert that made him not realize that their bond was broken upon Michael's death, and Robert's exile made it even harder to be sure.

For a long time, no one knew about his death. His wife supposedly died before or during the Uprising, and the story was Michael was grief-stricken over her death and fled to his country estate with his son, believed to be Jace, since Valentine used his name and home as he raised the boy as Jonathan. When Valentine again staged his own death almost ten years after, it was only then that their other friends were made aware of his apparent death, and it was another six years before the whole truth was finally revealed.[6]

In 2012, Michael briefly returned to Earth as a ghost to pay his respects at Robert's funeral pyre and was spotted by Kit Herondale.[7]


As a child, Michael was curious, slightly strange, and easily distracted by his own thoughts. He was also kind and friendly, and blunt—traits that carried on until his adulthood.[3]

Physical description

Michael was apparently an extremely handsome man with a square jaw and curling dark brown hair.[5][8][7]



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