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Michael, more commonly called the Archangel Michael, is the commander of the armies of Heaven.



Michael hunted down and destroyed Sammael, one of the most powerful of the Greater Demons.[2]


Michael's sword, Glorious, is infused with heavenly fire. Striking an enemy with it will burn the evil out of him; however, if the enemy is more evil than good, then it will also burn the life from him. The sword was used by Joshua in the Battle of Jericho.

In 2007, the Angel Raziel lent the sword to Simon Lewis and the others so that it may be used to sever the bond between Sebastian Morgenstern and Jace Herondale.[3] After its use, the sword was consumed by heavenly fire and went back from where it came from.

Skills and abilities

Michael is considered to be among the strongest and most powerful of all angels. Below are some of his known abilities:

  • Change: Like most angels, Michael is able to take on a different form that can be witnessed by humans.
  • Immortality: Michael is an everlasting archangel who was present at the beginning of time.
  • Flight: Michael can fly with his feathered wings.
  • Heavenly fire: Michael can summon the power of heavenly fire. His sword Glorious is also infused with it.
  • Runes: Michael possesses the powers of all, and more, of the Marks of the Nephilim.
  • Supernatural strength: Michael proved strong and powerful enough to slay the Greater Demon Sammael in physical battle.