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  • Hi RedstoneDemigod,

    I'm from the Mythology Wiki page you're a Bureaucrat for. There are a few people, myself included, who would like to have admin rights. There are people who would like to manage the wiki, but can't until one of the inactive users who used to manage the wiki allows them to do so. Hope you see this message. 



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    • Hey there,

      She hasn't been active on here either in months. You may have better luck messaging her through her discord which she has linked. She hasn't been active there (that I've noticed) much but she's definitely there more than here.

      I hope this helps! GL!


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    • Thank you!

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    • Thank you CJ

      KR, I've responded on the Mythology Wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Who'd think I'd meet you here? Of course, I meet many admins in other wikis. 

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  • Hello Redstone! I'm currently the one editing some details about Kit, and I have a doubt about the "Known relatives" section: should the biological relatives come before the adoptive/foster in order of appearance, even if the latter are older? According to the Manual of style, the in-universe info should be on chronological order, but looking into, for example, Alec's page it's shown that Jace comes after Max in the "Sibling(s)" section. Thank you for the help! :3

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    • Hey there!

      Don't worry too much about the chronology deal. As long as the information is correct and displayed it can always be edited later.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Redstone! In case you haven't read the Community Central blog from earlier this week, Fandom officially announced the Editor Rewards program. Fandom has been looking for ways to give back to users for the work they've done. Recently they have done things such as buy movie tickets, or offer products from their favorite fandoms. Stay tuned as perhaps you, your co-admins, or other contributors for this wiki may even be eligible!

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the blog so the Editor Experience team can answer directly.

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  • Hi Red! Is it okay if you remove the protections on this specific page so that I could put it the new monthly excerpt? Thanks

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  • How do I delete a page I accidentally created? (this one:

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  • hey, me and another user, @CJFritos, have found some wrong runes on the wiki (it was rlly her she just pointed them out). they were posted on the wiki but they are from Val Freires drafts but the correct ones with the canon names were released in certain editions of Lord of Shadows. CJ has computer designed the correct runes so we're going through and changing them so it's the right version. just wondering if thats ok?

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    • Okay, exactly which runes are needing to be changed?

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    • Ill list the names they are currently under: caffeine, anti-virus, anti-venom, comfort to the lame, fire message, dance, holy, power supply, spellbreaker, wiseman (i dont think is listed on its own needs to be added as study/scholomance), and the first talent rune isnt canon. Theres maybe one or two where its canon name means the same as whats listed so maybe edit a few captions to include both.

      And then again id like to add a disclaimer with the compilation images if possible because Vals are all draft compilations and its very confusing. Some of the codex ones are listed wrong in those pics.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hey! so im on the mailing list for simon teen and Cassandra Clare released Tessa, Jem, Kit and MIna's favorite ice cream flavors so i thought i would add it to the trivia on their pages but im having trouble adding the reference. i was hoping you could help?

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  • Hi, I noticed that in some of the book pages and in the shadowhunters/International editions page, are missing some covers from my country. So i was wondering how can i add them to those pages? And edit one photo that is not correct?

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    • Thanks for pointing that out! Which country is that?

      If you would like to add them yourself, please follow the media guidelines and name the files correctly (eg. COB cover, Bulgarian.jpg) and add the category Category:Images of international book covers to them. Then just slot them in where they're needed on the respective book pages and the international cover page.

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    • Thank you for answering. The country is Israel and the covers that isn't there arethe ones of CP, QoAaD, and CoLS. And you also need to update the cover of LM because its not the right cover. I could try to do it myself but i think it will be better if you will do it and I can send you the photos of the covers if you can't find them, but only if it doesn't bothering you.

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    • Sorry for the delay.

      I wouldn't mind adding them, if you could perhaps email the cover photos to me? I don't have the time to track them all down :)

      Here is the address:

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    • Sorry too for the delay and i would send you the covers 

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  • Hi Red! On the Belial page, I accidentally deleted the information box. Is it okay if you could add it? Thanks 😄

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    • Lol, no problem.

      For future reference, the issue was that you didn't close the template:

      {{Infobox character
      |name = 
      |actor = 
      |image = 
      |caption = 
      |full name = 
      |age = 
      |AKA = 
      |titles =
      |species = 
      |origin =
      |famcollapse = 
      |father = 
      |mother = 
      |siblings = 
      |spouse = 
      |children = 
      |ancestors = 
      |descendants = 
      |relatives = 
      |family = 
      |affcollapse = 
      |partner = 
      |allegiance = 
      |affiliation = 
      |statcollapse = 
      |status = 
      |death = known details of death: date and place
      |gender = 
      |hair color = 
      |eye color = 
      |skin color = 
      |features = }}

      Templates need to begin and end with {{ and }}, similar to how links need [[ and ]]

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    • Thank you very much

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    • A FANDOM user
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