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  • I live in Georgia, USA
  • I was born on January 6
  • I am female
  • Bio hey! i’m krisha and im just a girl who is in a lot of fandoms. and like any fangirl, i’m absolutely crazy about books and characters!!
    i am a die-hard fan of the shadowhunter chronicles(only the books). they are just amazing and i can go on and on about them, but it’s probably best not to get me started lmao. my favorite book has to be Clockwork Princess.
    my OTPs from each series are—> tmi: SIZZY(one of my all time fav otp) tid: Gabrily tda: Kitty
    and i am a herondale and my favorite characters are: simon(he’s my absolute favorite), will, jace, dru, cecily and kit.

    red queen is one of my top three fandoms and i’m a hardcore shipper of Evangeline and Elane(another top otp). and i may or not have been a slight shipper of mareven in the beginning. my silver ability is a whisper and i’m a part of House Merandus.

    three dark crowns is one another one of my all time favorite series. i’m a naturalist queen and my favorite character is Katherine🖤

    i’m a gryffindor and my patronus is a weasel (not ashamed of him. he’s cute😂). and i’m a daughter of zeus and i love the percy jackson series because i love greek mythology (also...SOLANGELO💛). i also ship Perachel and other non canon ships.

    i also love the office and dwight schrute is my absolute favorite because he is hella funny.🤣
    “bears. beets. battlestar galactica.”
    -dwight k. schrute
    the office, brooklyn nine-nine, the good place, and parks and recreation are some of my favorite tv shows of all time.

    my favorite superheroes from Marvel (MCU and the comics) are Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. in my opinion, agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. is the best marvel tv show.

    from dc comics, my favorite characters are the ⚡️Flash⚡️ and ❄️Killer Frost❄️. the Flash tv show is my favorite show from the Arrowverse.

    favorite music artists: Panic! At The Disco, NF, Sleeping with Sirens, and My Chemical Romance

    books i’m currently reading:
    - Five Dark Fates (4th book in three dark crowns series) by Kendare Blake
    - Happily Ever After by Keira Cass
    - Legend by Marie Lu
    - various marvel comic books lol

    and my horoscope is capricorn, even though i don’t fully believe in them but yeah.

    finally, i’ve met some amazing people on the TSC fandom: Manya, Eva, CJ, Cathleen, Heart, Arham, Kashvi, Abi, Zoe, Peri, Aashvi, Ria, Paige, Clockwork, Emilie, King, Candie, Panda, and so many more! you all are the most loving people ever💖 (if i left anyone out, im so sorry. please tell me if i did!)

    thanks peri (Perithe8th) for my profile pic!! ur a sweetheart😘 also check out VICI, it’s an amazing book by Peri that she is writing!💕

    you can contact me on discord: kgshadowhunter166#8110
    my pinterest: krisha gelli
    i’m not really on any other social media lol

    thanks for sticking around to read this long bio lmao

    “It was books that made me feel that perhaps I wasn’t completely alone.” -Will Herondale

    ✨Audere est Facere✨
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  • hi

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  • Hey Krisha! I just wanted to ask if I can maybe do a sort of taboo game in the next competition week. I don't know if you play Taboo in the USA too. You have to discribe a word/Thing/Person without using name or some words that are Listed under the name. I would do 5 names to discribe. Everyone could choose one and discribe it in 3 sentences. The others can gjess. Who guesses the most and does the best describing wins. Please answer me if I can do this and pls I would prfer not to do it on an Monday or thursday

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  • Hi Krisha. Is it ok if I change my name to Jacqueline Gracewell. Thanks 😊

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  • Hey there!

    Thanks for creating the new Tessa page. However, I'd like to point out that 14 consecutive edits to a single page is a bit much. Please try to do all your edits in one or two goes, and use the preview button to check how they will look before publishing. :)

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  • Hi Kgshadowhunter166, and welcome to The Shadowhunters' Wiki! Thank you for visiting the wiki and contributing. Participating here comes with some responsibilities, however. The content of this automated message is important, so please read through it to avoid any potential problems.

    This wiki is for the Shadowhunters books. The wiki for the show is the Shadowhunters on Freeform Wiki.

    As should be obvious from the wiki design and content, this wiki is focused solely on the books, not the TV series, and should thus not contain any information from it. Blatantly adding show-exclusive information will result in an instant, temporary block without warning because of the obvious, recurring, and very destructive nature of this violation (particularly because this causes false belief and confusion among book readers). And again, because this should be obvious. The block will be temporary and brief, should just be enough time to make you aware of your mistake.

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