Max Michael Lightwood-Bane is the adopted warlock son of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood.



His parent, presumed to be his mother, abandoned him on the steps of the Shadowhunter Academy early in 2010. Found by the students, Simon Lewis decided to call Magnus for help. He and Alec agreed to take care of the matter, not wanting to leave the child at the mercy of the Clave.

While caring for him in their suite at the Academy, Alec grew attached to the child. Soon, his family arrived under the belief that they would keep the child and raise him as their own. Maryse and Isabelle were quick to suggest the name "Max Lightwood", after the child of their family who passed over two years prior, which Alec liked and had considered as well, while Robert recommended Michael, after his dear friend.

After a conversation, Magnus and Alec agreed to officially adopt the child as their own and name him Max, even giving him the Shadowhunter name Lightwood with urging from the family.[1][3]


Years later, Max still happily lived with his adoptive parents and extended family,[4] who welcomed him and treated him with love. At one point, his parents adopted a Shadowhunter orphan and named him Rafael, and the boy became Max's elder, adoptive brother.[5]

In 2012, the family went to the London Institute to help the Blackthorns. While there, the siblings became friends with the youngest, Tavvy, who later traveled back to Idris with their family.[6]




  • Max enjoys books and playing with common household objects. He wants to be a pirate.[2]
  • He calls Alec "dad" and Magnus "papa."[2]


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