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VF Rune, Wedded Union

There are at least two known marriage runes used in Shadowhunter weddings, both of which are exchanged between the couple and are permanent.

One is the Wedded Union rune, which is placed on the arm or the back of the hand during the wedding ceremony in the place of rings in a mundane ceremony, binding the pair in matrimony. Once the marks are made, the Nephilim is/are considered married.[1][2][3][4] Another is placed over the heart,[5] either placed during the actual ceremony[6] or in private.[4]

Though typically permanent, the runes may dissolve and fade into a scar like a "used" rune if the couple separates.[7] In case of a divorce, an Iron Sister may painfully cut the Marks in half.[8]


On the rare occasions when a Shadowhunter married a Downworlder in a traditional Shadowhunter wedding ceremony, the Downworlder, who would be incapable of bearing runes, will also receive a representation of the rune in some other form. Known cases include:


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