Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France and Navarre from 1774 to 1792.

Known history

In 1791, during the French Revolution, while the royal family was being held in the Tuileries Palace in Paris two years after they were driven out of Versailles, a close friend, and implied lover, of the Queen, Axel von Fersen plotted the family's escape from Paris. Axel approached Magnus Bane to put glamour over her face, wanting to ensure extra security for her as she would be the last to leave the palace.

When Magnus came into the queen's room, she was pacing, worried for her family. She barely noticed Magnus as he placed the glamour over her; he had made her look like a Russian noblewoman.

Unfortunately, she got lost on her way to meeting Axel and was found by the vampire Coselle on the street. She was brought to the party thrown by Marcel Saint Cloud, who wanted to keep her for entertainment. Magnus, in an effort to save her, pretended that she was a woman named Josette, a mistress of his client who wanted to transform Josette to look and act like the queen. Able to convince Marcel, Magnus claimed to want to complete his signature on her before he sold her to him. Once in private, Magnus got ahold of a hot air balloon and made his escape with the queen, with the queen struggling and only stopping upon the mention of Axel. In the air, the queen peeked over the balloon and fainted when she saw where they were.

They made it as far as the River Seine, with Magnus no longer able to keep the balloon up. With the queen in and out of consciousness, Magnus had to swim them both back to the surface. Axel arrived shortly after and took the queen to safety.

However, the royal family was again apprehended, when the king was recognized in Varennes, and brought back to Paris.