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The Mandikhor is a rare and presumed extinct form of demon that can split itself up into multiple other demons known as Khora. They are said to be viciously poisonous.


The Mandikhor itself is roughly the size of an omnibus and is described as having a lion body and a scorpion tail. They have three rows of jaws that drip poison and red talons extending from their paws. Its head is scaled with red eyes and almost resembles a snake. Its body is covered by multiple diseases such as smallpox, scarlet fever, and even leprosy.[1]


The Khora demons come from lumps on the Mandikhor demon and are described as looking like elongated shadows with claws. Up close they had rough onyx skin and flaming black eyes. They also appear to have multiple drooling jaws whose bite is just as poisonous as the Mandikhor's.[1]


The Mandikhor demons once existed in Persia long ago and have since been believed to be extinct. They make their homes in in-between places such as bridges and borders. It was discovered that it is best to capture one in a Pyxis to stop it from ceaselessly creating more and more demons.

In 1903, Emmanuel Gast summoned one after being hired by Belial. Emmanuel summoned it partially in the mortal world and partially in Belial's realm in order to make it immune to sunlight. He then captured it in a Pyxis box but it broke out and he was killed.

Under Belial's instructions, the Mandikhor demon continuously sent groups of Khora demons to attack the Shadowhunters of London and spread its poison. The Mandikhor itself stayed by tower bridge. After some time it was confronted by a group of Shadowhunters who tried to capture it in Pyxis but it once again broke out and continued attacking them. Before it departed it spoke to James Herondale and tried to convince him to go to Belial's realm.

Eventually, James did and after James refusing Belial's commands, he sent the Mandikhor against him once again. In this realm, he was much larger and more powerful than he had been. He nearly killed James before James was able to summon the strength to bend the realm into creating a tornado that vanquished the demon once and for all.[1]


  • Mundanes know them by the name "manticore".[1]
  • In Old Persian, it is referred to as the "merthykhuwar".[1]