SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

The apartment where Maia Roberts currently lives was once also resided in by her ex-boyfriends Jordan Kyle and Simon Lewis.


It is a two-bedroom apartment located on Avenue B in Alphabet City area of the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.[1]



In October 2007, the werewolf Jordan Kyle moved into the apartment after coming to New York. When his charge, the Daylighter Simon Lewis, decided to momentarily distance himself from his dazed mother, Jordan offered up the spare room in the apartment, claiming that it had recently been vacated by his old roommate.[1] When he was kicked out and shunned by his mother, Simon move became permanent, though his overnight stays became infrequent after the disappearance of Jace, during which Simon slept over at Clary's to support her.[2]

After the Dark War in December, the apartment was left uninhabited due to Jordan's death and Simon's memory loss. Out of sentimentality, Maia decided to rent the apartment herself, "to keep what once had been Jordan and Simon's place," just as the landlord was supposedly about to angrily throw their things out, presumably after a month of unpaid rent. By December, Maia had moved in but has yet to pack Jordan and Simon's belongings.[3]


  • Jordan grew wolfsbane in the apartment's balcony/fire escape.[1][3]