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Lucifer is a Greater Demon and one of the Princes of Hell. He was once counted among the greatest of archangels. Powerful but proud, Lucifer led an army of dissident angels against God and was cast out of Heaven and into the depths of Hell for his crime by Michael.


Religiously, Lucifer is believed among most humans to be the supreme spirit of evil, often represented in Jewish and Christian belief as the tempter of humankind, the leader of all apostate angels, and the ruler of Hell and its demons.

Lucifer's empty throne from "Princes of Hell booklet"

Lucifer was an archangel and beloved by God. He was created as a high authority in Heaven to give the light of God's presence to the lesser angels. When God created humanity and called them his greatest creation, commanding that his angels bow down to them, Lucifer refused and grouped other angels together before causing a Civil War in Heaven.

Lucifer and his fellow insurgents fought against the forces of loyal angels led by the Archangel Michael. Lucifer and his forces were defeated and cast into the Void. By God's authority, they were banned from returning to Heaven forever, and Lucifer became among the greatest of the Princes of Hell.


  • Lucifer is sometimes associated with the Shadowhunter family the Morgensterns; Morgenstern means "morning star", which is one known translation of his name.
  • According to Malcolm Fade, because of Lucifer's fame, he is very hard to reach, rarely does favors for anyone, and is therefore considered to be an unrewarding demon to worship.[1]
  • He is the oldest, and considered the most powerful, Prince of Hell.[2]
  • Lucifer is expected to make an appearance in The Wicked Powers.[3][4]