And you may have heard: Lovelaces are quitters.

George Lovelace to Simon, Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy

The Lovelace family is a family of Shadowhunters whose branches have mostly quit Shadowhunting. As of 2008, George Lovelace is the only known Lovelace to have reentered the Shadowhunting world.


In the 1700s, a branch of the Lovelaces left the Clave and settled outside Glasgow, Scotland, where its members lived mundane lives for the centuries to come. According to George, these Lovelaces become sheep thieves. While the Clave attempted to appeal to the next generations to rejoin them, they eventually stopped.[1]

In the 1800s, another branch gave up Shadowhunting. At one point, a couple died in London, and their daughter, Jessamine Lovelace, was forced to become a Shadowhunter and a ward of the local Institute until her own untimely death.[2]

In 2008, shortly after the Dark War, the Clave began scouring the world for recruits to reinforce their dwindled numbers, both by inviting suitable mundanes and revisiting former Shadowhunters and their families. One of these included the non-active Lovelaces. George, a mundane child adopted into the family, decided to train to become a Shadowhunter at the newly-reopened Academy.[1]

While George ultimately did not survive his Ascension, his close friend and roommate Simon Lewis decided to take on the name as his chosen Shadowhunter name after his death.[3]

Known members


The Lovelace family symbol is a true lover's knot.[4][5]


Lovelace is an Irish name derived from the Old English word "laweles" which means "lawless",[5] and is ultimately derived from the Old English word "laghles," which means "outlaw."[6]