The Los Angeles Shadow Market is a common Shadow World haunt and marketplace in Los Angeles. It is managed by the warlock Barnabas Hale.[1]


The Market itself is a large square concealed from mundanes behind Kendall Alley in Old Town Pasadena.[2] During the day, when the Market is inactive, the site operates as a parking lot.[1]


The Los Angeles Shadow Market is a place where Downworlders and the occasional mundane with the Sight buy, sell, and trade certain wares and skills such as sorcery and illegal demon powders.

Despite the general idea that all Downworlders mingled at the Market, they still tended to group together by type, with warlocks occupied stalls at the very end of the Market. Faeries mostly stayed in the vine-and-flower pavilions, away from the rest; because of the Cold Peace, faeries were supposed to be forbidden to do business at the Market but were still allowed to linger in the area. However, this does not stop them from secretly making sales especially when no Shadowhunters are around.[2][1]


Stalls at the LA Shadow Market sell weapons, potions, jewellery, charms and fortune-telling.

At one point a stall existed for the purpose of recruiting Downworlders for the Lottery. Another stall, ran by Johnny Rook, was for information and some illegal wares. Wren used to sell enchanted bracelets and pendants to catch romantic attention.

There were ifrits showcasing, possibly selling, performing djinn on leashes, peri girls that danced in front of their booths that sold dangerous powders, a banshee that claimed to tell customers when they would die, and a cluricaun offered to find lost things,[2] and faeries selling a variety of goods ranging from invisibility clothes to sacks of food that are never empty.[1] At the north end of the Market, lycanthropes gathered to buy their werewolf needs, such as tableware made out of wood and iron and wolfsbane. There was also an area where vampires gathered to buy flavored blood or seek out new subjugates from among those who'd lost their masters.[2]

Known merchants


  • Johnny Rook opened his booth at the Market when he was a teenager.[3] Emma Carstairs was a frequent customer.[2]
  • Shadowhunters typically do not mingle in or go to the Market. Whenever they come to the Market, the Downworlders, fearing arrest and/or punishment, hide any illegal materials.[2]


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