AD Kit, Ty and Livvy 01

Ty and Kit resurrecting Livvy's ghost.

This is the way I can help that isn't fighting. If I bring Livvy back, our family will be whole for the battle. It will mean that everyone will be happy again.

Ty to Kit, Queen of Air and Darkness

Livvy's resurrection ritual was a necromantic spell contained within the Black Volume of the Dead; Ty Blackthorn used it in an attempt to resurrect his twin sister Livvy Blackthorn.



  • Incense from the heart of a volcano
  • Chalk powdered from the bones of a murder victim
  • Blood, hair, and bone of the person to be brought over
  • Myrrh grown by faeries, harvested at midnight with a silver sickle
  • An object from another world


Once all the items are procured, you must set up a ceremonial circle — this actually made up of two circles with demonic runes in between the two. You then place the ingredients around the circle; if you are not a warlock, you will also need a clean energy source (catalyst) to use, which you will place in the center. From there you will recite a chant in Latin and the objects around you will begin to alight.

It is also recommended to preform the spell near water for the best results.


In 2012, Tiberius used this spell in an attempt to resurrect his twin sister. With the help of Kit Herondale and a warlock who went by the name of Shade, Ty was able to acquire the necessary items and learn how to preform the spell; even though both parties (unbeknownst to Ty) were against it. On the eve of the Cohort's parley, Ty and Kit snuck off from their camp to Lake Lyn to preform the spell. Unfortunately the catalyst that Ty had obtained from the Shadow Market was corrupted and so Livvy was not fully brought back to life. She was resurrected as a ghost and became bound to Ty. As Shade had warned, Livia's ghost confirmed to Ty that he had "ripped a whole in the fabric of life and death" and that he will pay for it.


  • This is the only resurrection spell in the Black Volume that can be preformed without the dead's body.
  • It is a highly unstable spell, and as such, there are many risks involved in preforming it; one of which being that you may pull an alternate dimension version of the person you are trying to bring back, rather than the one of your world.


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