Lisette Montclaire was a Shadowhunter and the mother of Céline Herondale.


At some point, she married Jules Montclaire. They became good friends with the Verlacs who ran the Paris Institute. Eventually, they had a daughter, Céline, whom they raised in a cruel and harsh way. Whenever their daughter ran away from home, the local Conclave would launch a search for her and return her to them.

According to Valentine Morgenstern, Jules and his wife, being loyal to the traditions of the Clave, did not agree with his views and meant to destroy him, prompting Valentine to act against them. In August 1989, Valentine sent three of his followers, including their initially clueless daughter, to Paris to find Dominique du Froid. Valentine planted evidence with the warlock to frame them of dealing with the warlock. Valentine made it seem like the couple was killed during an escape attempt on their way to the Silent City, where they would have been tried with the Mortal Sword and found innocent.


Both Lisette and her husband and his wife displayed a warped sense of love, abusing their daughter with the excuse that they loved her, wanting to teach her lessons on how to behave the hard way. Céline once described the way her mother spoke to her as "icy disdain".



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