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Linette Herondale (née Owens) is the Welsh mundane mother of EllaWill, and Cecily, and the wife of Edmund Herondale.



Born in 1839, Linette is an heiress to a fortune and an estate in North Wales, near Dolgellau.[2][5][3] Being a young and beautiful woman, she was expected to wed a man to formally administer the estate. Linette, however, was intent on marrying a man she loves instead of just settling for a suitor. In 1857, Linette, realizing she would not find the right man in Wales, and her abigail, Angharad, traveled to London.

One evening, their carriage was attacked by an Eidolon demon. Linette bravely tried to fend it off. Fortunately, Magnus Bane and Edmund Herondale were around to see it, and Edmund interjected and slayed the demon. Linette, who still believed in the old ways in Wales, thought they were faeries. While Linette found herself amused by Magnus, both became attracted to her, Edmund especially. When Edmund asked if he could see her again, she gave them her address, thinking them possible suitors.

While Magnus did not visit her, Edmund went to the address almost immediately after, though he was sent away by the butler. Edmund, however, did not give up and followed her a few days after. While she was riding in Rotten Row, Edmund caught up with her and has met with her everyday since. For weeks after that, Edmund courted her. Eventually, the two became engaged to one another.

Linette, knowing Edmund was a Shadowhunter, made it clear that she did not wish to Ascend. Though Edmund was distressed, he still chose to be with her. Thus, he was stripped of his Marks and made a mundane.[4]

Later life

The couple left London and moved to her estate in Wales. Two years after, Linette gave birth to their first child, Ella, who was soon followed by two more: Will and Cecily.

In 1873, Will accidentally released Marbas from Edmund's Pyxis. Ella died of poison soon after, and Will, guilty over his sister's death and fearing the supposed curse placed on him by Marbas, left Wales and traveled to the London Institute to become a Shadowhunter. While Linette and Edmund went after him to try and talk him out of it, Will refused to see them and stayed.[6]

Over the years, Edmund, fell into despair and, after turning to drinking and gambling, became indebted. He lost them their house and fortune. With nowhere else to go, the family accepted help from Axel Mortmain who offered them his manor in York where they have lived in isolation since.[7]

In 1878, their youngest and the only child left with them, Cecily, left and went to the London Institute, hoping to convince Will to come home. However, Cecily began to enjoy the Shadowhunter life and decided to stay. However, weeks after, Will and Cecily, with the secret permission from the Consul, Charlotte Branwell, visited her and Edmund. Linette was extremely pleased and joyful. Linette was overwhelmed at the sight of seeing Will after all those years and spoke to him in Welsh while crying. She was surprised to learn of Will's engagement to Tessa but was not angry, as Tessa had feared.[3]

After the first, there were several more visits allowed to the families, particularly during the holidays. Linette and Edmund got to know their in-laws and grandchildren.[8] She would often initiate mundane games with the family and avoided games involving wagers, still concerned for her husband's vice.[9]

In the summer of 1899, Linette and her husband died of influenza.[10]

Physical description

Linette is a slender and startlingly beautiful woman with dimples, black hair and dark blue eyes, whose eyes and general attractiveness was inherited by Will and Cecily.