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The Lightwood manors were the residences of the Lightwood family.



The former Lightwood country home in London is located in Chiswick, just outside London proper, in the 1800s.


The Lightwood weekday house in Pimlico in the 1800s was described as an elegant house with many corridors and a large library.



On July 27, 1878,[1] Benedict Lightwood threw a secret masquerade ball in the Chiswick mansion to impress Mortmain. The party was attended by several demons and a number of Benedict's Nephilim friends. Nate Gray also attended the event and invited his "wife", Jessamine Lovelace. Tessa, Changed into Jessamine, Will, hiding behind his mask, and Magnus Bane, called by one of Camille's subjugates, came uninvited.

Approximately three months later, Benedict moved the household from Pimlico to Chiswick. There, he locked himself in his study for two weeks and underwent the last stage of his demon pox, transforming into a demonic worm. The demonic Benedict then escaped into the garden, devoured their servants and Rupert Blackthorn, and was later killed by the Shadowhunters of the London Institute. Much of the Italian garden was destroyed in the skirmish.

Both mansions were confiscated for searching by the Clave, until some years after, Tatiana managed to get them back.


The Lightwoods lost their home in Idris in the 1990s, upon the exile of Robert and Maryse Lightwood for their involvement with the Circle. However, they were able to purchase a new one—an empty house previously inhabited by a family who fled to the country—temporarily during the Mortal War in 2007.

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  • The Lightwoods' Chiswick mansion was very sketchily based on the actual Chiswick House.