Leila Haryana is a werewolf and a member of the New York werewolf pack.


A relatively new member of the pack as of December in 2007, her loyalty to Luke Garroway was yet to be established, especially in light of Luke's absence and Rufus Hastings' manipulations. After the death of the Praetorian wolf, Jordan Kyle, she comforted Maia Roberts, Jordan's girlfriend and a member of the pack, and gave her some clothes that fit Maia, albeit a bit snug, because they were of similar stature.

When Rufus fought Bat Velasquez for the leadership of the pack, Leila acted as the referee. Though she initially listened to Rufus' preaches, she eventually realized that Rufus would not have been a fitting leader and wished Bat good luck. Despite that, she and everyone knew that Rufus was a formidable opponent, so when Maia challenged Rufus, Leila expressed her concern for her, even after the battle when Maia emerged victorious.[1]

In August 2012, Leila led a fight against a group of vampires, with both groups vying for possession of the High Line after being taken from the Fair Folk. She contacted their leader Maia, who then immediately spoke to their vampire ally Lily Chen and New York Institute head Clary Fray about the issue. Clary then called her to inform her that fighting over the property is against the Accords—even making up a section of the Law about it—and told her that instead, they should have a meeting at the Institute Sanctuary the following day.[2]


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