I could probably have taken them for the whole family fortune, or at least the silver, but a handsome man asked me to run away with him, and I thought, What the hell.

–Kitty, What Really Happened in Peru

Kitty was a mundane who had a fling with Magnus Bane in 1962. Presumably Spanish, Kitty met Magnus at Cuzco in Peru. Kitty was a con artist, and together, the couple went on a magical crime spree the summer they were together.


Kitty was with a wealthy yet exasperating American named Geoffrey in Cuzco, on their way to Machu Picchu, when Magnus approached them, speaking in Spanish. Pleased with his appearance, Geoffrey asked Kitty to ask him if he could take photos of him. Amused, Kitty continued exchanging remarks with Magnus in Spanish. Magnus obliged and, with Kitty, began to pose and smile for the camera while Geoffrey took their photos. While Geoffrey was distracted, Magnus offered her an adventure if she ran away from her annoying companion with him, to which Kitty agreed to.

By then, Kitty had stolen Geoffrey's watch and his mother's jewels, so when Geoffrey noticed that they were running away, he summoned the police who then went after them. In an alley, Kitty revealed this to Magnus, who was simply amused at the fact that she conned "annoying rich men" and their mothers, and the latter revealed his magic, making them invisible from the police following them.

Kitty and Magnus then went on to have a "life of magical crime", on the condition that they only steal from the irritating and that they would spend the stolen cash on booze and useless trinkets. The two stayed together only for a whole summer though both had a wonderful, fun time running and being wanted by the law in several different countries.


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