Kadir Safar is a Shadowhunter who was the second most important person in the New York Conclave during Maryse Lightwood's time as head of the New York Institute. Maryse relied on him often as her second-in-command. Even after Maryse stepped down, Kadir remained an important asset to the Conclave.


Kadir had a brother named Malik who died in a battle against Valentine's demons in 2007. He shared a slight resemblance with Malik.

Kadir became one of the Shadowhunters who began training the students at the New York Institute while there was still no official replacement for their last tutor.

Some time after the culprit behind the deaths of several Shadowhunters, particularly former Circle members, was revealed, Kadir helped organize the capture of Camille Belcourt. When Alec Lightwood and the others got into trouble with Camille and Lilith, he sent a fire message asking the Conclave for backup, and Kadir was among those who responded.[1] He and Maryse were the ones who went to the roof to check on Jace and Sebastian and found them missing.[2]

When all Institutes were called to Idris for their emergency evacuation, Kadir was present during the Conclave meeting in New York and the subsequent Council meetings that followed in Alicante.

Kadir fought in and was among those who survived the battle that took place in Alicante. Months after their victory, Kadir was among those who attended Luke and Jocelyn's wedding.[3]

In 2012, Kadir attended Inquisitor Horace Dearborn's Council meeting which ended up passing The Registry. He sat next to Diana Wrayburn and the pair conversed back and forth during the meeting — both expressing their disgust with the display Dearborn was making of the Larkspear children and of Diego Rosales, Rayan Maduabuchi, and Divya Joshi.

Kadir later went to Julian Blackthorn's war council against the Cohort. During the Cohort's parley, Kadir was originally inside the city but called for the gates to be open along with the others and soon joined the battle. After Julian and Emma Carstairs rose up as True Nephilim, Kadir was a part of the barricade meant to prevent the Blackthorns from approaching them in an attempt to keep them safe.

He was also at the meeting to sentence the Cohort members and elect a new Inquisitor and Consul.[4] After they were exiled from Idris, he became part of the crisis team in New York working on rebuilding and how to move forward.[5]



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