Julie Beauvale is a Shadowhunter and a graduate of the Shadowhunter Academy.


Dark War

Julie's mother had been one of the first Shadowhunters to be forcibly Turned into Endarkened soldiers by Sebastian Morgenstern. Afterwards, she, along with her father, her sister Elizabeth, and the other residents of their Institute, evacuated to Alicante. During the last night of the Dark War, Julie was among the children locked up in the Accords Hall for safety. However, the faeries of the Wild Hunt unexpectedly made it inside the building. Elizabeth was one of the many casualties, and Julie witnessed the very moment the faerie, whom Julie noted was beautiful and had silver hair, struck down her sister with his sword. Julie was left with her father who, for some reason, Julie considers useless.[1]


Traumatized by the events of the war, Julie decided to attend the newly-reopened Shadowhunter Academy "to learn to fight," as opposed to just training in Alicante or at their Institute, so she would be able to do something the next time she's in battle.[1]

Julie spent most of her time at the Academy with fellow Shadowhunters Jon Cartwright and Beatriz Mendoza. Julie also befriended mundanes George Lovelace, under the impression that he was a Shadowhunter by blood before he revealed otherwise, and Simon Lewis, due to his hero status among those aware of his contribution to the war,[2] though she eventually became good friends with the two.

When Julie was included in the group of twenty students, considered the best and most promising in their class, that would handle a Downworlder problem in New York, Julie immediately became concerned. She was reminded of the war and of the situation with Downworlders and was desperate enough that she convinced Jon and Beatriz to approach Simon for advice. When Simon insisted that he truly lost his memories and had little idea about Downworlders, Julie opened up to him about her experience during the war.[1]

After they returned to the Academy for their second year after the summer vacation, Julie had began dating Jon. When Helen Blackthorn, a known half-faerie, half-Shadowhunter, came to the Academy to give a lecture, Julie walked out of the class.[3]

Along with Beatriz and even Jon, she had become somewhat friends with Simon, George, and Marisol and was much more civil with them once they had adjusted to being trained with mundanes, or "dregs", despite their history. The six teamed together for their training missions and Julie succeeded as team leader, despite George apparently almost screwing up the mission with his hesitation. George has also implied that Julie liked Simon, though the latter was unsure if he had been referring to Julie or Beatriz.[4]

Some time before the holidays, she and Beatriz agreed to become parabatai—a decision which the dean, Vivianne Penhallow, announced publicly to their schoolmates.[5]

Personality and traits

Julie, as is typical of most Shadowhunters, had a negative view of mundanes and Downworlders—at least before meeting Simon, who continues to try and sway their views of them, though she has a particular hatred towards faeries whom she blames for her sister's death. She is often cold and distant, though is also capable of fear and being open about it, as well as an friendly camaraderie with those she trusts.

Julie, also like most Shadowhunters, moved with easy grace. According to Simon, she was also highly-skilled, even though she is still only in training.

Physical description

Julie is a pretty girl with features that go with her narrow face, making her expression often appearing pursed with disapproval. She has silky blond hair, porcelain skin, and gold-specked hazel eyes that seemed to change color depending on the light. She is also tall and curvy.