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The past always matters. That's what they tell you when you join the Praetor. You can't forget the things you did in the past, or you'll never learn from them.

–Jordan, City of Fallen Angels

Jordan Kyle was a werewolf and the boyfriend of Maia Roberts. He was an active member of the Praetor Lupus, by which Jordan was given the assignment of watching over the new Daylighter, Simon Lewis.



Jordan met Maia in a town in New Jersey, in a music store while buying old vinyl records. He saw Maia as a beautiful, sweet, and cool girl and they eventually started dating. Their first few months together were "like a dream" which they had spent "like sixteen year-olds in love." At some point, Jordan got in a fight at a club where some guy bit him, not realizing until later that he had been bitten by a werewolf.

After three weeks, the effects of the bite started to affect him; he had sudden waves of uncontrollable rage and anger, which he took out on Maia, beginning in what Maia had described as their nightmarish last few months together.[1] He had become possessive, controlling and jealous, and was convinced that she was interested in other guys but had no evidence to prove it. He had even come to the point where he would slap and hit her when he got angry. In some instances, he would even blackout and would awaken with no idea of what had happened or what he had done.

Eventually, she tried to break up with him, which angered him. He pushed her and knocked her down. To let him get that it was over, Maia kissed another guy at a party in front of Jordan. Unfortunately, it was a full moon that night and he changed into a werewolf for the first time. In his uncontrolled state, he saw her while running through the streets of New Jersey and attacked her on her way home and only eventually let her go when the neighborhood had become aware of the attack. Before he left, Maia heard him mutter, "You're mine now. You'll always be mine," though she did not realize at the time that it meant she would be a werewolf, too.[2]

Praetor Lupus

Well aware of what he did, he tried to go to Maia to apologize and explain but was instead stopped by a member of the Praetor Lupus who was assigned to him. He wouldn't let him anywhere near her and instead, convinced him to first come with him to be trained by the Praetor so he could evade punishment. He was assured that the Wolf Guard would watch over Maia to make sure she was adjusting. The Praetor also refused to let him check up on her even for a while afterward; they simply informed him that she had run away from home.

Upon graduation, Jordan was told to pick a charge to become his first assignment. When he received files to look over to find a new Downworlder to guard, he picked Simon when he saw Maia in his records, thinking that if he could get close to him, he could find out what had happened to his ex-girlfriend.[1]

Reunited with Maia

Jordan went by the name of Kyle when he auditioned to be a singer for Simon's garage band. At one point, "Kyle" caught Simon staying in Eric's garage and invited him to crash at his apartment with him. Soon enough, Jace ended up at their apartment and revealed Jordan's true nature as a werewolf right after he met him, forcing Jordan to immediately explain that, as part of an alliance, the Praetor Lupus had him dispatched to keep an eye on Simon.

Jordan and Maia met again for the first time since he Turned her the night Simon accidentally attacked and fed on Maureen Brown, which also happened to be the same night that Maia and Isabelle finally found out that they were both dating Simon. Maia, in shock after seeing Jordan for the first time, attacked Jordan, clearly intent on killing him, but was stopped by Simon and Isabelle. As Maia attacked him Jordan did nothing to defend himself, still guilt-stricken for Turning Maia and how he treated her during their last few months together. Simon eventually realized Jordan and Maia's history and after his issue with Maureen, finally understood him and attempted to get Isabelle and Maia to do the same. He explained to them both that Jordan had no control of his transformation as a werewolf at that time and had since become a better person.

During the werewolves' engagement party for Luke and Jocelyn's marriage, Simon told Maia about Jordan's dilemma, and how much Jordan really loves her and how much guilt he feels for what he did to her. Later, when Simon went missing, Maia became less hostile toward him, even talking to him at one point about Simon, and then later about their past. While in Lilith's hotel, they were left alone on a floor of the building after they were attacked by cult worshipers. When an intense light startled Maia, Jordan held her close and she impulsively kissed him, though she eventually pulled back, still struggling to understand her feelings for him.[1]

The two continued to spend time together and Jordan even generously offered to pay for her expenses at Stanford if she accepted the offer. Maia rejected both the offer and Jordan's money. During the patrols done after Jace went missing with the resurrected Sebastian Morgenstern, they kissed after Jordan expressed his relief that he actually found her. However, the moment is short-lived as Maia pulled back impulsively as Jordan said "I love you, Maia. I have always loved you." She decided that it is all too much and left him bewildered. On their way to the Praetor Lupus, Jordan pulled up at a beach in full view of a beautiful sunrise. The two officially tried to define their relationship once and for all, Jordan told Maia that if she wanted to remain, friends, then that wasn't going to work for him, because he still loved her, and knew that just being friends would be too difficult for him. After a moment of contemplation, Maia kissed him, revealing her decision to get back together as a couple. The two eventually consummate their relationship together, even making it a regular thing, and are described as being "in love" by the others. He even took Maia to see his home at Praetor Lupus, in a demonstration of his intent to make their relationship work.[3]

Dark Shadowhunters

Jordan and Simon were in their apartment with Maia when they were suddenly attacked by the Endarkened, sent by Sebastian. Jordan, as Simon's Praetor guard, ordered him to flee the apartment while he and Maia fought the Endarkened.

After the encounter, Jordan and Maia began searching for Simon, which led them to the Praetor Lupus after Jordan was given a tip from a fellow Praetor. Jordan and Maia then drove to the campus of the werewolves, where they found the massive building completely burned down. Nearly all of the werewolves that had been inside were dead, and the entire building was completely destroyed. The two scoured the wreckage, attempting to retrieve any survivors. While Jordan was talking to Maia, he was unexpectedly stabbed by Sebastian with a blade. He then died in Maia's lap, whom Sebastian spared, so she could send his message to the Downworlders.


After Jordan's death, his Praetor Lupus pendant was given to his former roommate Simon, while Maia decided to rent their apartment herself when Simon lost his memories and went to Shadowhunter Academy.[4] Even though Simon did not fully remember Jordan, he recalled bits of his memories of Jordan during his time at the Academy. One night, Simon woke up with the sinking realization that his friend was truly gone.[5][6]

Simon's last work with their band, The Mortal Instruments, was an eleven-minute track dedicated to Jordan called "Beati Bellicosi".[7]

Physical description

Codex Jordan.png
But Kyle is hot like 'whoa.'

Clary to Simon, City of Fallen Angels

Jordan was a tall, brown-skinned rocker boy with long, dark hair that tumbled over his forehead and down his neck in curls, and had long, thick eyelashes. According to Maia, he seemed like the type of boy who usually prefers skinny, pale girls in hipster glasses, not rounded girls like her, as she had put it. He was broad-shouldered and slim, but muscular, with high cheekbones and startling hazel-green eyes. On both arms, he had tattoos that looked like scrolling script winding around his skin, which were actually mantras from the Upanishads which was inked by his and Maia's friend, Valerie.

Skills and abilities

  • Lycanthropy: As a werewolf, Jordan had the ability to transform into a wolf. Along with the ability to Change, he also had enhanced strength, speed, and accelerated healing ability.


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Jordan and Maia had a complicated relationship. Everything was great when they first started dating, but when Kyle was turned into a werewolf, the intense spike in uncontrolled aggression and rage resulted in him hurting her, which made Maia very afraid of him. On the night when Maia finally tried to break up with him, it was a full moon, and Jordan had his first Change. In the midst of the chaos and confusion of his first transformation, he inadvertently attacked and Turned Maia while she was walking home.

Deeply regretful for what he did to Maia afterward, he never forgot about her throughout his training with the Praetor Lupus. When he was finally to be sent out as a guard, he chose Simon in hopes of checking up on Maia.

When the two eventually met at one of Simon's gigs, old wounds were reopened, and Maia was initially enraged upon seeing Jordan. Jordan understood her anger and did nothing to stop her from attacking him in rage. However, through Simon and partly Isabelle's pleas, the two finally reconciled and at least acted politely towards each other.

After finding out most of the truth from Simon, Maia slowly began to understand Jordan's point of view and made amends with Jordan. Although she ultimately forgave him, she still struggled internally regarding her feelings for him.

When Luke was gravely injured, they traveled to the Praetor House together in search of help and when Maia saw that Jordan had truly changed and became a better person, the two reaffirmed their relationship, starting on a new and clean slate.

The day that Jordan was killed by Sebastian, Maia had planned to break up with Jordan, as she was still conflicted over her feelings toward him and unable to completely forget the past. However, she still cared about him deeply and clutched onto his body for dear life after his death.

Jordan was tasked to watch over Simon, a vampire with no clan, nor anyone to guide him, who had Daylighter powers that made him a highly-sought out (and highly threatened) Downworlder. They were in the same band and were roommates after Jordan offered to let him stay at his apartment. The two became close friends, and Jordan even ultimately left his Praetor Lupus pendant for Simon after he died.

When they first met, the two were hostile towards each other, and each threatened each other with their strengths. By the next day, however, the two seemed like best friends, according to Simon, and ultimately bonded over video games and knowledge of weapons.