An electrum-laced parasol was Jessamine Lovelace's reluctant weapon of choice, created by Henry Branwell for Jessamine to have as a form of protection. Though Jessamine didn't like to fight, she preferred to use this whenever the need arose.


The parasol was pink with floral designs on it, its fabric laced with electrum and its edges razor sharp, lethally electrocuting anyone attacked and stabbed by it. When Jessamine first received it from Henry, she thought it was pretty, until she found out its true purpose.


In 1878, Jessamine used it to kill a faerie that had been harassing her and Tessa Gray at the park. Some time later, Jessamine was again forced to use it in battle when automatons infiltrated the London Institute, after which it was destroyed.[1] Henry then replaced it with a white parasol.[2]


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