Izzy's whip
In the last extremity this weapon will not fail you; in the darkest hour this weapon will bring your enemy low.

Magnus Bane, What to Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything

Isabelle Lightwood's whip is an electrum-wound tool that she uses as her primary weapon of choice. It is a rope-like weapon traditionally used to exert control over others through pain compliance or fear of pain. It can also be used to loop around anything and for exerting binding pressure.


The whip was a twelfth birthday present from her father.[1] She frequently uses it to entangle enemies and pull them to the floor.

In 2007, as an indirect gift to Alec, Magnus Bane enchanted the whip with a potion that "gave it a little extra kick," presumably enhancing its performance during times of dire need.[2] Some months after, Isabelle was able to use the whip to sever Sebastian Morgenstern's hand.[1]

Physical description

The whip is made from gold electrum wire. With glamour, mundanes see it as a long, silver and gold bracelet on Isabelle's arm when not in use; in reality, it is the pattern of swirling lines of the whip, inked into her skin.[3]


Izzy's bracelet

The whip in its glamoured, bracelet form in the adaptations.


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