Irina Cartwright is a Shadowhunter.


After Alec Lightwood came out as gay in 2007, Irina told Alec that it was a shame that no one would inherit his blue eyes.[1]

Sometime after Alec and Magnus adopted a warlock child in 2010, Irina talked to Isabelle Lightwood after a Clave meeting and asked her when she would give her parents a "real" grandchild, claiming that Max did not count because he wasn't a Shadowhunter and believed that no one would, or should, give Alec and Magnus a Shadowhunter child. When the comment made Isabelle reach for her whip and Alec dragged her back, Irina muttered that the Lightwood kids were "out of control and out of [their] minds", to which Jace Herondale smiled and simply agreed.[2]

At Robert Lightwood and Livvy Blackthorn's funeral in 2012, Irina came up to the grieving family and friends of Livia. She pitied them and pointed out that she thought that funerals were sad. When Irina didn't get the reaction she seemed to be hoping for, she left.[3]



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