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There's a hierarchy of command, and the Inquisitor is near the top.

Alec Lightwood, City of Ashes

The Inquisitor is a high-ranking official of the Clave—second in power and influence to the Consul—wielding authority outside of the government of the Clave and Council.


The Inquisitor enforces the Covenant and investigates Nephilim for the Clave, making sure that they have not broken the Law or the Accords. The Inquisitor typically serves as the prosecuting attorney on Shadowhunter trials, and is thus, along with the Silent Brothers, legally permitted to use the Mortal Sword on Shadowhunters to compel the truth out of them. The Inquisitor may also choose to recommend or request the punishment or sentence in some cases, though these also require the approval of the Council. When it comes to the sentence of exile, the Inquisitor has the power to set the terms and to overturn it.

The Inquisitor is also the leader of the Council and is the person who calls them to order. They consider all requests and arrange all such meetings.[1]

Known Inquisitors

Diego Rosales was offered the position by Alec Lightwood when the latter was reforming the Clave in exile of Idris in October 2012;[2] though whether he accepted or not has yet to be confirmed.


  • According to Jace Herondale, most of the Inquisitors appointed were corrupt.[3]
  • The Inquisitor wears gray robes when appearing in events or the like in an official capacity, or when attending to his duties so as to distinguish himself/oneself and the position he/she holds.[4]
  • The Inquisitor does not try Downworlders, only Shadowhunters.[1]