The Imperishable Fields, commonly simply referred to as the Fields, is the stretch of plain outside Alicante, spanning the land from the city walls to the Brocelind Forest, in Idris.


Funeral rites for Shadowhunters, which consist of their bodies being burned on pyres and can be attended by the public, are held on the Fields. The bodies are first prepared at the Silent City and brought in on biers by the Silent Brothers, who then place the corpses on pyres and later light them with torches.


At some point in history, Jonathan Shadowhunter battled a legion of demons on the Imperishable Fields.[1]

After the Mortal War, a funeral for Valentine Morgenstern was held on the Fields. The ceremony, attended by very few people, was brief.[2] During the Dark War, a funeral for those who perished in the standoff against Sebastian Morgenstern's forces at the Adamant Citadel was held on the plain.[3]

In 2012, a joint funeral was held for Livvy Blackthorn and Robert Lightwood. Many Shadowhunters attended the ceremony.

Around a week after the funeral, the new Inquisitor, Horace Dearborn, chose the Imperishable Fields as the place for his staged parley with the Unseelie Court. He had the meeting Projected in the sky above Alicante, and everyone in the city watched as members of Livia's Watch, led by Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs, interrupted the parley and revealed Dearborn's plotting and lies. A battle broke, pitting Shadowhunters and Downworlders against the members of the Cohort and the faeries loyal to Oban. The gates to the Fields were initially kept closed, guarded by Dearborn's followers, but were soon forced open by the Silent Brothers, allowing reinforcements to join the battle.

During the battle, after Emma and Julian rose up as True Nephilim, Keiran, as the new Unseelie King, created an opening in the plain which acted as a medium to enter the Unseelie Lands. It was used as a refuge for Shadowhunters and Downworlders and was later reopened to let the people return to their own homes.[1]



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