Hugin, also known as Hugo, was a raven who lived with Hodge Starkweather at the New York Institute, often seen perched on his shoulder. Hugin, along with another called Munin, were Valentine Morgenstern's pet birds.


Valentine trained Hugin and Munin to be watchful, as well as vicious. They are capable of ferociously attacking their targets, and are intelligent enough to understand and follow orders.

Some time after the Uprising, Hodge took Hugin with him to New York, after Valentine's apparent death. Hodge renamed him Hugo to divert suspicions from those who knew of Valentine's birds. Hugin's true nature is revealed, however, when he attacked Clary Fray in the Institute's library, and later returned with Valentine when he came to the Institute for the Mortal Cup.

A few weeks later in Alicante, Hugin brought Clary from her hiding, who had been listening in on Consul Malachi Dieudonné's conversation with Valentine. Hugin attacked Clary once, but was subsequently knocked out by Malachi. While Malachi was threatening Clary, Hugin regained consciousness and attacked Malachi, who then fell on some shattered glass to his death.


  • Hugin and Munin ("thought" and "memory") were named after Odin's ravens from Norse mythology. Much like Hugin and Munin of the myths, who flew over Midgard and reported back information to Odin, Valentine's birds were trained to do his bidding.