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Hotel Dumort is a derelict hotel inhabited by the New York vampire clan. It is found on 116th Street in East Harlem in Manhattan, New York City.


The sign for the Hotel Dumort in the Film

From the outside, the Hotel Dumort simply appears to be an old abandoned building; the windows are boarded up and the door is bricked over. The sign for the Hotel hangs on by a nail, and the letter 'N' in Dumont has been painted over with an 'R'—changing it to the French term for "of the dead".

A metal grating at the back of the building leads to the basement which houses storage rooms. All but one of the staircases connecting this floor to the main and upper floors have been deliberately chopped away. The foyer has a frescoed ceiling and a rotting carpet, the focal point being a lavish staircase that has also been dismantled. What once had been the grand ballroom now has cracked balconies with gilded mirrors separating them. A door to the back stairs is hidden behind the drapes there and leads all the way through the building and up to the roof.


Rise and Fall

The hotel was once known as the Hotel Dumont, a glamorous hotel that was built in what was then known as the Italian Harlem; back then, it stood out from everything around it.

However, following the events of the Stock Market Crash, the creation of a Portal to The Void at the hotel by Aldous Nix, the arrival of Camille Belcourt in 1929, and its subsequent takeover by vampires, the place had since decayed and become ruined, becoming almost as dead as its new residents.[1] They renamed the hotel "Hotel Dumort" so that it would translate to "Hotel of the Dead" in French, making it a humorous name for a vampire's domicile.

Camille high at the hotel and Magnus coming to confront her.

In the 1970s, the Hotel Dumort continued to be a vampire hot-spot, particularly as the recreational use of cocaine became more popular with mundanes. The vampires found themselves addicted to the substance through feeding from intoxicated mundanes. Several drugged mundanes were kept and encouraged to ingest drugs in large quantities at the hotel, so they could be close to the vampires who hope to achieve the same high. When Magnus Bane and the New York werewolf pack were alerted of this, they devised a plan to get the vampires—who were reckless when high—off of the drug. Magnus convinced Camille to summon all of her addicted vampires to the hotel, where Magnus used his magic to seal them all in to force them to finish the withdrawal process.[2]


Although the hotel had been claimed as vampire territory as early as the 1930s, it didn't become the true headquarters of the New York vampire clan until Raphael Santiago became interim leader in Camille's absence in 2007; it was during this time that the majority of the clan relocated to the hotel from their previous residence in the old, pre-war building known as the Eldorado, from where Camille used to rule.[3]

The confrontation at the hotel.

In August, Shadowhunters Clary Fairchild and Jace Wayland broke into the hotel in an attempt to rescue Simon Lewis, who, after being turned into a rat due to inadvertently drinking a warlock cocktail, was mistakenly taken to the hotel by Elliott, who believed him to be a drunken fellow vampire. The encounter led to a battle that later worsened when the werewolves of the New York pack arrived and joined the fray in an effort to save Clary, as her surrogate father, Luke Garroway, had recently become Alpha of the pack. Eventually, the Shadowhunters and werewolves escaped with Simon by retreating to the hotel's roof.[4]

However, because Simon had bitten Raphael during the chaos, he became a darkling and was constantly drawn to the vampires and the hotel. This unconscious urge ultimately culminated in Simon breaking into the hotel, where he was subsequently attacked by the vampires there. Raphael, not wanting war with the Nephilim, spared him and helped Simon's friends make arrangements so that Simon could Turn and survive, albeit as an undead vampire.[5]

In December, Simon was captured by the newest leader of the clan, Maureen Brown, and brought back to the Hotel Dumort due to Maureen's obsessive infatuation with him. Her intention was to have Simon be with her for eternity so that the two of them could rule the Shadow World together, and she kept him in a cage in one of the rooms with plans to release him from his confinement once she could trust him not to leave. Raphael soon came and released him in exchange for Simon's help with the Clave, and the two escaped the hotel together.[6]


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