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The Herondale manor is the home of the Herondale family in Idris.


Herondale manor is located on the borders of Alicante, near Brocelind Forest. It is a short distance away from Blackthorn manor.[1][2]

The manor itself is a large building made of white and tawny stone and is surrounded by a low wall.[1][2] The gates to the manor are low and are decorated with an iron motif of flying birds. It opens out into a circular gravel drive with a central stone fountain. A wide staircase leads up to the front door.[1]


The manor came into Will Herondale's possession when he turned 18. From then on,[3] he and his family spent every summer there.[4]

In 1989, Herondale manor was occupied by Stephen Herondale, his parents, and his second wife, Céline.[5] The manor was left empty and unused after their deaths.

It was only in 2007 when Stephen and Céline's son Jace Herondale found out that he was a Herondale,[6] and another set of months after that before he finally accepted his lineage, that it gained ownership again. Jace took Clary Fairchild on a horse ride in Alicante to the manor and expressed a thought that the two of them might live there someday.[1] About a year later, the couple returned with Tessa Gray and Jem Carstairs to be given a tour of the house.[7] In 2009, while in town for Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn's parabatai ceremony, the pair stayed the night in the manor.[2]

Notable residents