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Take it, and cut your brother's throat with it, and take back the honor of your blood.

Diana Wrayburn to Clary Fairchild, City of Heavenly Fire

Heosphoros is a family sword of the Morgenstern family and is the smaller of a pair, the other being the sword known as Phaesphoros.


Said to be the length of a forearm, Heosphoros is half the size of Phaesphoros. It is described as beautiful and is made of black gold and adamas. The cross-guard, grip, and pommel are gold with obsidian, and the blade is a silver so dark that it looks nearly black. On the other side of the blade, along the center ridge, is a pattern of black stars, symbolizing the Morgensterns.

While in Clary's possession in 2007, it was kept in a dark leather scabbard with a pattern of silver stars sewn through it.[1]


Heosphoros was made by Wayland the Smith many years ago when the Morgenstern family commissioned two new blades for a father and his son. Of the pair, Heosphoros was the smaller one, having been designed for the son. The two blades were named after different aspects of the morning star, after which the Morgenstern family was named, with Heosphoros meaning "dawn-bringer."

Before the Uprising, Jocelyn Fray sold Heosphoros to Diana Wrayburn's father, who owned the weapons shop Diana's Arrow before Diana began managing it.

In the days before the Dark War, Clary Fairchild, along with Jace Herondale, visited Diana's shop in search of a new weapon. Knowing that the sword would never be bought by anyone else, as it hadn't been after over a decade, Diana offered to give Clary Heosphoros for free. When Clary initially showed reluctance toward owning something associated with her father's family, Diana advised her to kill her brother with it and avenge her family's good name and honor.

In Edom, Jace unleashed his heavenly fire upon the realm. With a vision of a rune Clary had been receiving from Ithuriel for some time, Clary was able to contain the heavenly fire within Heosphoros. The heavenly fire momentarily infused in the sword and disappeared once Clary used it to stab and kill Sebastian Morgenstern,[1] the blade left destroyed by the fire.[2]

Heosphoros still existed in Thule, having never been endowed with heavenly fire with Clary's rune; in fact, it was likely never even owned by the Clary Fairchild of that world, nor was it used on Sebastian Morgenstern. Janus took possession of the sword at one point and began to wield it. At one point, Janus took the sword and Sebastian's Phaesphoros with him to Ash Morgenstern's world.[2]


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