Hecate, sometimes and confusingly called "the Mother of Witches", is said to be the Greater Demon responsible for the creation of vampires.[1]


Hecate was summoned in a massive blood-based sacrifice held at the Court of Wallachia (modern day Romania), in 1444, as recorded in multiple written accounts of the Nephilim. The ruler of Wallachia at that time, Vlad III, had a great circle of prisoners of war impaled on tall wooden spikes, and in exchange for this impressive sacrifice, Hecate transformed Vlad and the large majority of his court into the first vampires.[1]


As would be expected from a demon and what is known about her, Hecate was highly sadistic and was impressed by Vlad's cruelty and barbarism, so much so that she granted him and his court vampirism.


  • In Greek mythology, Hecate is one of the oldest goddesses in the mythical world and is variously associated with the night, the underworld, the Wild Hunt, entrance-ways, crossroads, witchcraft, fire, light, the Moon, magic, necromancy, and sorcery. She had many followers and she is thought to have brought cults into the human world. She is said to travel the world with a pack of red-eyed hellhounds at her feet, and dogs travelling at night are often a sign that she is nearby as they are the only ones able to see her.


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