VF Rune, Iratze - Heal

There are several variations of healing runes used by Shadowhunters.

Runes such as these can heal grievous, possibly fatal wounds, enabling healing without causing harm or distress. This is the second rune gifted to the Nephilim by the Angel Raziel and the is also the second most powerful rune in Nephilim lexicography.[1]

The first most basic healing and pain-killing rune is the iratze, which closes cuts and wounds in Shadowhunters. It alleviates pain, closes cuts and wounds and temporarily raises the temperature, helping burn out infection much like a fever does.[2][3] It can also be used in case of minor health concerns or illnesses such as headaches.[4] This rune glows golden when first used before sinking into the skin, not even leaving a scar behind like average Marks.[5]

However, the iratze is mostly ineffective against demon poisons, injuries caused by demonic runes and metal,[6] and is also not considered the best treatment for severe injuries, such as wounds with something inside that would need removal as the iratze would close the skin over them. In these cases, healing should be done by the Silent Brothers.[3] Healing runes also only vanish from the skin when occult poison was involved and when the person is dead.[7]

Grave wounds such as those can also be temporarily remedied with other healing runes such as the mendelin rune, which looks like three overlapping circles that serves to strengthen the victim's constitution,[3][8][6] and/or amissio rune, which slows blood loss and speeds natural blood replacement.[3][9] The mendelin rune also grants partial and temporary invisibility by casting a glamour over the wearer, allowing them to hide from mundanes and, in some cases, demons.[10]

Like most runes, they are most effective when placed closer to the heart.[11] Also like other runes, they can be drawn as a whole, or partially at first, to be completed when the wearer wishes to activate it.[3]


Iratze in Basque means "reference to the Virgin Mary." Cassandra Clare chose this term because of this.[12]

Other Variations

VF Rune, Agony

Agony Rune

  • One variation of the iratze is the agony rune. The name agony actually stands for "agony disappear". It works in the same way a regular iratze works, though it is intended for more serious injuries. Most injuries in battle will respond to it; though certain injuries, like poison from a Greater Demon, are beyond the power of any iratze.[13]
    • This is the extra powerful iratze Clary uses on Jace at the battle for the Adamant Citadel in City of Heavenly Fire.[13]
  • An amisso rune is used to slow blood loss and to speed natural blood replacement.[3][9]
  • When a mendelin rune is used as a healing rune it strengthens the shadowhunter's constitution.[3]
  • Sangliers are also blood replacement runes. These work to transfer blood when the body needs it; but they can be very dangerous to use.[8]  


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