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Granville Fairchild was one of the strictest men I've known, and though he ran the Institute according to the Law, it was a cold, unwelcoming place.

Josiah Wayland about Granville Fairchild, Clockwork Princess

Granville Fairchild was the head of the London Institute before his daughter, Charlotte Branwell.


Granville was a man of the Law and a well-respected Shadowhunter of his time. Granville aided in the efforts to get the Accords finalized and signed—despite still bearing some level of prejudice for Downworlders, which was expected from most Shadowhunters who'd grown up during the pre-Accord days.[1]

He was friends with Silas Pangborn, Aloysius Starkweather, and Josiah Wayland. Buford Branwell owed him debts that were, supposedly, washed away when Buford's son, Henry, married his daughter, Charlotte. Granville had always made it clear to his daughter that he wanted a son; however, since he never had one, he did everything in his power to make Charlotte great, better or equal with men, in the hope that she would someday succeed him as the head of the London Institute.[2][3]

The Shadowhunter's Codex calls Granville a hero of the First Accords for his contribution to the peace talks leading up to its signing, saying he used his natural peace-keeping abilities to mediate the negotiations between the Downworlders and the Nephilim, constantly smoothing over relationships between the various delegates at times when their clashing interests led to offense and resentment. He was ultimately able to persuade the Council to understand and appreciate the wishes of the Downworlder delegation, and help the Downworlders understand and appreciate the wishes of the Nephilim to fulfill their angelic mission.[4]


As negotiations for the Accords were concluding, Granville was visiting the Institute in Cyprus, offering his expertise in demonology to aid in their battle against the Greater Demon Stheno. It was there that Granville died. Since he and Consul Wayland were great friends, Wayland dedicated the signing of the First Accords to Fairchild's memory, and agreed to his dying wish: that Charlotte be appointed as his successor as the head of the London Institute.

Stheno was eventually destroyed in 1894, recognized despite his disguise, because he made the mistake of wearing Granville's Ukrainian fur hat, which had been a gift to him from Wayland.[4]



  • While Granville did not always get along with his daughter, the two bonded over chess. He taught her to play when she was just 7 years old and the pair often used it as a chance to spend time together.[5]
  • He and his wife used to exchange scandalous letters. So much so, that they hid a cache of them in the London Institute. This was discovered by Tessa Gray while remodeling during her husband's time as head of the Institute.[6]