Be careful what you say to me. There is nothing I cannot make you do.

–Grace, The Last Hours teaser

Grace Blackthorn, born Grace Cartwright,[1] is the ward and adoptive daughter of Tatiana Blackthorn.


Grace's parents died when she was young. She was then adopted by Tatiana, to whom she became very loyal and devoted. Grace also grew to have unearthly beauty and was implied to have possessed siren-like abilities, both of which were exploited by her adoptive mother. Despite the seemingly cold persona Grace eventually developed, she loved her adoptive brother, Jesse,[2] who was a sickly child that eventually died.

At some point, she broke the heart of James Herondale,[3] with whom she has an odd relationship.[4]

In 1903, Magnus Bane was called to the Blackthorn Hall to perform a task for Tatiana. Grace came down to the foyer and met Magnus Bane, who was astounded by her beauty. She introduced herself to him and was mildly confused when Magnus, overwhelmed by her allure, recoiled from her.

After Magnus refused to kill Shadowhunters for the ritual Tatiana needed to bring Jesse back, Tatiana had Grace follow him. She caught up to him but made no move to stop him, realizing that he wanted no part in Tatiana's plans. Magnus asked her if she needed help if Tatiana was holding her against her will; Grace responded by holding a blade to his chest and coldly refusing him. She told him to leave and threatened to kill him if he didn't leave or if he revealed Tatiana's plans.[3]


Grace is seemingly a cold and unfeeling person. She is able to appear charming and seductive when she has to and can display an air of innocence, but she betrays no true emotions. Because of her upbringing and the outlook of the woman who raised her, any conscience Grace may hold seems restrained. Nonetheless, she is extremely loyal to her adoptive family.[3]

Physical description

Grace is said to possess extraordinary beauty. She has pale, blond hair, rosy white skin, thick and dark eyelashes, and gray eyes.[3]




  • Grace likes making crowns from flowers, leaves, and vines—a hobby she retained from before she was adopted by Tatiana.[5]
  • Grace favors hairpins as her weapon.[5]
  • According to a "found" family tree, Grace was born in 1886, went on to marry Christopher Lightwood and had a son named Isidore with him, and died in 1940.[1]
  • Cassandra Clare once said, in response to a question, that Grace's parents were among the Shadowhunters who died in the emergency Clave meeting that was ambushed by Mortmain's automatons in Clockwork Princess.[6]
    • However, since the book was set 1878, it would imply that Grace should have been at least 25 years old, if not older, by 1903, whereas Grace was still 16 in The Midnight Heir, as supported by the family tree that states she was born in 1886.
    • This statement was made before the start, or during the early process, of writing The Last Hours, and is thus still subject to change.[7]


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