Quis ut Deus?

–the words carved on the blade

"Glorious" is the celestial sword of the Archangel Michael, as well as the sword used by Joshua during the Battle of Jericho. While it has a different angelic name, Raziel called it "Glorious" so that the sword had a name that could be spoken by mortals.

The sword is infused with heavenly fire. Striking an enemy with it will burn the evil out of him or her; however, if the enemy is more evil than good, in the case of demons, then it will also burn the life from them.


The Archangel Michael used the sword in his battle against Sammael and, due to the blade's angelic origin, ultimately defeated him with it. At one point, the sword was also lent to Joshua for the Battle of Jericho.

In 2007, Raziel lent the sword to Simon Lewis so that it could be used to sever the demonic twinning ritual bond between Sebastian Morgenstern and Jace Herondale. While it was intended to be used by Simon on Sebastian, he instead passed it to Clary Fray so she could use it on Jace. After the sword was used to stab Jace, it was consumed by heavenly fire and returned to Heaven, though some of the heavenly fire was transferred into Jace's body. Since he was more good than evil, the heavenly fire simply burned the evil from him, sparing his life.

Physical description

The sword seemed to be made of old iron and has a blackened hilt. The edges are ragged, and the tip is sharp. It also has an inscription carved into blade: "Quis ut Deus?" meaning, "Who is like God?"

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