SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Chain of Gold follow. Caution is advised!

George Penhallow is the nephew of former Consul Josiah Wayland.


In 1878, his uncle had been suggesting to the Council that George be considered as his replacement, over Charlotte Branwell, when his term as Consul was over. The Council, however, deemed him too young and felt that he had yet to prove himself as a leader compared to Charlotte, who ended up being offered the position.

The same year, George attended the Council meeting that was attacked by Axel Mortmain's perfected clockwork army. During the meeting, George got into a heated argument with Sora Kaidou. When his uncle announced that he was looking for a replacement for Charlotte as head of the Institute, he was seemingly about to volunteer though he and the decision was interrupted.[1] He was one of the ensuing battle's survivors.

After Charlotte became Consul, George stepped in as interim head of the London Institute until Will Herondale could take over the position. He was later in attendance at Will's wedding to Tessa Gray.[2]

In 1903, George attended a London Enclave meeting held by Charles Fairchild where it was announced that the city would go under quarantine; travel being suspended indefinitely. Days later, he was among the group of Nephilim that showed up to Highgate cemetery upon word from Alastair Carstairs. There he questioned Cordelia Carstairs when she claimed the Mandikhor had been defeated once and for all.[3]

Physical description

George is a slender dark-haired man.[4] According to Tessa Gray, he looked friendly.[5]



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