Geoffrey was a wealthy American mundane, who was approached by Magnus Bane, in 1962 at Cuzco, Peru.


Geoffrey was with a redhead female named Kitty, on their way to Machu Picchu, when the warlock, Magnus Bane approached them, speaking in Spanish. Pleased with his appearance and ensemble, Geoffrey asked Kitty to ask him if they could take photos together. Magnus, on the other hand, agreed, and with Kitty, struck a pose and smiled for the camera while Geoffrey took their photos. After the picture - taking, when Geoffrey was distracted, Magnus offered Kitty an adventure if she ran away with him from her exasperating companion - meaning Geoffrey, to which Kitty agreed.

As they were running away, Kitty revealed to Magnus the watch and jewels she stole from Geoffrey, so when he noticed them running away and the missing watch, Geoffrey summoned the police but was surprised not to see them in the alley, unaware that Magnus' made himself and Kitty invisible.

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