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Garroway Books. Fine Used, New, and Out-of-Print. Closed Saturdays.

–Sign in front of the row house, City of Bones

Garroway Books is the bookstore owned and ran by Luke Garroway, that also served as his home, located on the first floor of his row house in Manhattan, New York.


After Luke moved to New York, he soon bought the house and the bookstore.[1] Luke lived around the bookstore, the apartment itself behind and above it. In the bookstore's storage room, hidden behind stacks of boxes, was the pair of handcuffs attached to the wall that Luke used to contain himself when he uncontrollably Changes into a werewolf during full moons.[2]

Clary and Simon often stayed over at his house, staying at the spare room that had practically become Clary's room over the years. Both would sometimes borrow books from the store.[3]

In 2007, Clary and Jace accidentally Portaled to the house, led there as Luke, the last user of the Portal, used it to get there.[2] Luke, reconciled with Clary, began letting her stay there after their apartment was ruined.

During the time when Luke was almost always at the hospital looking after Jocelyn and was rarely at home to monitor the bookstore, he had Maia, a member of his pack, look after it for him. Maia had let him pay her through books for it.[4]

After getting back from Alicante, Jocelyn and Clary permanently moved in with Luke.[3]


  • Luke bought the bookstore from a warlock who was moving to Thailand, so it already had a lot of magic books.[1]

Luke's shop, bts
  • In the film adaptation, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the shop is called "Garroway Books and Curious", where, along with books, antiquities were also being sold. Luke also had a padded and securely locked room where he would stay for his uncontrolled transformations.


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