Back when I was fighting demons...

–the way Freeman began most of his sentences, Pale Kings and Princes

Freeman Mayhew is a Shadowhunter and a professor at the Shadowhunter Academy.


Freeman joined the Academy staff in the second year of the school's reopening. Freeman taught the current events class, which Simon dubbed as the "Why Faeries Suck" class because of Freeman's apparent hatred of the Fair Folk.

In 2009, half-faerie and half-Shadowhunter Helen Blackthorn was invited to the Academy to be an example for his lecture, which she agreed to only because this was the condition the Clave gave to allow her to marry her fiancée in Idris. For the lecture, Freeman humiliated Helen by shouting at her and letting her tell the story of her parents' cruel past.


Freeman is a bigot and a racist who held prejudiced opinions towards all faeries because of the Dark War, and he made no effort to hide this. Instead, he strived to drill these ideas into the minds of his students. He also did not think too highly of the Clave and believed that they should have already proclaimed the fey "worthy of extinction".

He was not open to listening to opinions of others and was easily angered by people who disagreed with him. Being narrow-minded, he is quick to point out that the students weren't there to witness whatever it was he was fighting for.

Physical description

Freeman is scrawny and bald, with a graying toothbrush mustache.


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