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The Fray's apartment was the home of Clary and Jocelyn Fray for years before they moved into Luke's house. Located in 807 Berkeley Place, Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, the apartment building is a brownstone they shared with Madame Dorothea, whose apartment also served as a Sanctuary.


Brownstone, exterior up

The apartment building in the film adaptation.

In 2007, Valentine's men tracked Jocelyn down to this house and promptly the apartment during the encounter, in search of the Mortal Cup. When Clary first came home after the attack, a Ravener demon left behind to guard the house lay in wait and attacked her, only to be killed after choking on the Sensor. Du'sien demons also arrived soon after, sent by Valentine to clean up after the demons.

When Clary and Jace returned three days later, the apartment had been cleared of their things, though Valentine sent his Forsaken warriors to continue looking for the Cup. The next time they returned, to go to Madame Dorothea's, the inside of the building, particularly the entryway and Dorothea's apartment, was later further destroyed during a battle against the Greater Demon Abbadon.


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