Forever Fallen


Release Date June 4, 2019
Ghosts of the Shadow Market: An Anthology of Tales
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Forever Fallen is the tenth and final short story in the Ghosts of the Shadow Market Anthology of Tales, co-written by Cassandra Clare with Sarah Rees Brennan.[1][2][3][4]

Unlike the first eight stories, this and Ghosts of Old Loves will not be released as e-books and will only be available in the print edition of Ghosts of the Shadow Market, set for release on June 4, 2019.[5][6][7]




Teaser #1

There were bluebells in the wood beyond the stone walls, and oak trees were dropping green stars in the grass. This garden made Jem think of long-ago children he would have saved if he could: his Cordelia, her sword at her back and her arms full of bright flowers, none so bright as her smile when she saw him, and Cordelia's brother Alastair with his long fingers over his bitter eyes. Jem had only ever known their faces through magic in the dark. He had never seen either of them with his eyes open, and he never would.


  • The title of the story is taken from the line "Awake, arise, or be forever fallen!" in John Milton's poem Paradise Lost, with the specific line referring to "Lucifer and his angels having just fallen from heaven."[1][4]