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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised!

The line of the First Heir is a succession of individuals that are part-faerie and part-Shadowhunter, descended from the powerful King and Queen of the Faerie Courts and, by some twist of fate, the lost branch of the old, famous Shadowhunter family, the Herondales.


When the King and Queen of the Faerie Courts united and consummated their truce, they agreed that their offspring would inherit the Seelie and Unseelie thrones and unite Faerie, but the Unseelie King expected a male heir and changed his mind when Auraline, who came to be known as the First Heir for her supposed role, was born.

A prophecy about the First Heir dictated that "all of Faerie would fall under shadow" when she reached for her full power, and the belief is that this extended to her descendants. The King ordered his assassins, the Riders of Mannan to hunt her line down for decades to put an end to the prophecy but failed.[1]

Family tree

Seelie Queen
Unseelie King
Lost Herondales
Roland Loss
Johnny Rook
Kit Herondale