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You tell Valentine he'll never have the Cup!

–Jocelyn to Valentine's men, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Jocelyn Fray is the mother of Clary Fray and wife of notorious Circle leader Valentine Morgenstern. Turning her back on the life of a Shadowhunter, Jocelyn lived a mundane life for over a decade, hoping she could live in peace with her daughter.



In her youth, Jocelyn was a member of a group of young rebels led by her husband Valentine. Valentine had wanted the Clave to use the Mortal Cup to create more Shadowhunters, and Jocelyn and their friends helped him steal the Cup. His ideals drastically changed, however, and he began experimenting with the Cup, with demon blood and summoning demons. Jocelyn grew fearful of his increasingly erratic behavior, realizing that he wanted to make Shadowhunters more powerful and to rule. Though heavily pregnant with their second child, Jocelyn stole the Cup and left. Valentine and his remaining followers have been on the hunt for her since.

Luke eventually followed and found her. Together, they returned to Jocelyn and Valentine's home when they heard it had been burned down. In the ashes, they found the remains of a man and a child, with Valentine leading them to believe that he and their first child, Jonathan Christopher, had died.

The pair eventually went to New York.


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